At Chanoudgarh we follow best practices advised by the World Health Organisation with respect to tourism accommodation establishments.
Chanoud Garh is a HOME first and a hotel later – and that’s what makes us different.
Our families’ safety is our guest’s safety and therefore we take this very seriously.
For the last 300 years, this has been the family residence and since we have no wish ourselves to contact COVID-19 nor allow it to be transmitted to our staff, we have taken all possible safety measures to protect ourselves and thus our guests.

Chanoud the village and its neighboring villages are in the green zones and there have been no reported cases of Covid-19 till now.

We are a small boutique, personal homestay with just 10 keys within a large palace. Thus giving the feeling of openness, separate and independent. For the first few months, we will be operating only 5 rooms (50% of the property) thus giving us 2 full days to disinfect the rooms before the next guests. This also means that not more than 10-13 guests will be on the property at all times.

Our staff is our family and they all live on the property – with no or little outside contact. Further assurance that no infection comes our way. Nevertheless, to alley guest fears we will be taking all the extra precautions.

Our Responsibilities AND Guest Responsibilities:

All exchanges between guests and associates will be followed by disinfection and sanitization (pens, bill folders, keys, luggage handling, photo identifications, card transactions, etc.). A safe distance will be maintained with all guests following all the social distancing norms.

Guests will be screened on arrival and checked daily. Should there be any doubt, guests will be quarantined in their rooms and medical professionals consulted.

Guest luggage will be sanitized and brought to the door of your room. Features of your room will be explained without stepping inside unless you ask the staffer to do so.

Only rooms that have been rested for 48 hours post disinfection will be allocated to a guest. Rooms will be cleaned after two days of being occupied unless requested otherwise. All departure rooms will go through the highest levels of sanitation and will use tested chemicals to disinfect surfaces.

Hand Sanitizers liquids and Masks will be readily available on arrival, in the rooms, common areas, dining etc

Guests in self-driven cars will be requested to park their own vehicles in the designated
Parking areas.

All public areas such as lobby, dining, corridors, porch, and periphery will go through scheduled cleaning a minimum of 4 times a day or more depending on usage

In-house curated experiences will be offered (Jeep safaris, etc.) –
Keeping all hygiene and social distancing in mind

Arrangements in place to ensure social distancing between parties at all times in the dining areas in line with local requirements.

All surfaces such as wall coverings, mattresses, furniture, furnishings, bath fittings, floors, and floor coverings also including identified high touchpoints such as door handles, drawers, remote, bedside tables will be disinfected daily using alcohol-based sanitizers.

Bath amenities, private bar inclusions, dining condiments will all be single-use, sanitized and

Aroyga Sethu app will be mandatory for all

Associates / Staff:

-> All associates will wear uniforms that have been disinfected and will always sport a mask (reusable ones only) and gloves when at work.

-> All associates will be provided with extra hygiene training to ensure the highest awareness.

-> Everyone is a Housekeeper 24 hours, 7 days a week. Associates will disinfect their own
Workspaces every 45 minutes.

-> Hands to be sanitized or washed frequently, especially after any contact with surfaces
Which haven’t been disinfected.

-> Non-invasive thermal testing conducted for all associates at the time office on arrival to
work. The Health of staff members will be monitored every day.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask.